La Quinta Y Ocho is a mixed-use development on a 2.3 acre city block in the heart of Little Havana. The site borders two distinct neighborhoods. 8th street is a high density, urban corridor, while 9th street is a low scale, medium density residential neighborhood. The project is conceived as two buildings that transition from one urban zone to another, while sharing amenities and parking infrastructure.

The design of the 8th street building is inspired by the great boulevard buildings of Cuba, such as the Bacardi Building. The 12 story mixed-use building includes office, residential and retail, and is made up of a five story podium housing office and retail liners masking a parking facility, topped by a seven story residential tower. 

The 9th street building is a central hall type apartment building housing 30  - 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. The structure will face an intimite courtyard faced in oolitic limestone and creeping vines. The landscaping throughout the project reflects the biological context of the region by including only native trees, shrubs, and groundcover.This project was approved by the City of Miami City Commission. 

La Quinta y Ocho
La Quinta y Ocho
9th Street Courtyard Apartments
9th Street Courtyard...
Front Aerial Perspective
Front Aerial Perspec...
Rear Aerial Perspective
Rear Aerial Perspect...
Entrance to Courtyard Apartment
Entrance to Courtyar...
 5th Avenue Shopfronts
5th Avenue Shopfron...



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